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Intermercato Grabs & Tree Shears

Intermercato offers one of the world’s most versatile ranges of top quality lifting equipment for forestry, transport, construction and recycling.


All grabs can be supplied with with rotators, top hitches and hoses.

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Log Grabs

A robust design that allows heavy lifts and the double guide bars gives increased stability.

Suitable for Free Hanging rotators only.

TG Standard

TG Heavy Duty

Heavy Duty in its true sense! The robust body in excavator design for rigid mounting makes this grab a versatile tool for intense and heavy applications.

Suitable for Free Hanging or Fixed Rotators

Forest Residue Grabs


Available with 3, 4, 5 and 7 claws and is used for all sorts of wood waste. The larger models are so robust, they’re suitable for rigid mounting on excavator.

Suitable for Free Hanging or Fixed Rotators

Universal Grabs

This grab is a true all-round tool. It's lighter and has smaller distance between the claws than the GX. TG UG handles logs just as well as household and industrial waste.

Suitable for Free Hanging or Fixed Rotators



The  GX is truly convincing with its extremely robust design and powerful claws. Can be equipped with a saw cassette.

Suitable for Free Hanging or Fixed Rotators


Sorting Grabs

Intermercatos stone- & sorting grab has an unusually robust design for being categorized as light-weight.
You basically get a lot of grab for value!

Suitable for Fixed Rotators


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