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2020 Mecalac 6MCR

We will be taking a 2020 6MCR skid excavator as a trade in very soon (a few weeks)

The machine is in very good condition and will have around 1100hrs on the clock by the time we take it back. Currently its fitted with an Engcon EC206 and S45 hitch however this will be removed and the original Mecalac Connect hitch fitted.

Machine spec is as follows:

  • Excavator style dipper - Much easier to use than the typical Mecalac dipper setup.

  • 75hp Deutz 2.9TCD Engine

  • 10kph travel speed with independent hydraulic system, allowing seamless tracking and operating of other functions/attachments.

  • Air conditioning

  • 2 auxiliary lines, 1st line 90lpm inc constant flow button, 2nd line 30lpm rotation circuit (Diverted from offset boom)

  • Hammer return line to tank

  • Bio Oil filled system inc mostly full 203L drum.

  • Additional counterweight

  • LED Beacon

  • Mecalac Connect Hitch

  • Skid Bucket (Brand new)

  • 3ft Digging bucket (Brand new)

  • 1ft BMC digging bucket (used)

  • 1500mm BMC grading bucket (used)

I have only been able to get pictures of the machine out on site at present, these will be updated once the machine is back in our yard.

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